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Rockabilly Music Was The Solution For Boring Pop Offerings Of The Early 1950'S
Rockabilly Music Was The Solution For Boring Pop Offerings Of The Early 1950'S
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So with knowing that we want the song we write to hook onto listeners, how does that translate in the structure of a pop song? We have to figure out what doesn't work first, then lead up to what works and what works well.





DM: When I first came to Nashville, I was amazed at these guys I saw. They had this strange kind of genius where they would just tinker around with things. They'd have a guitar that they would just mess around with, and try different pickups and new kinds of sounds and if something appealed to them, they would try to control it and make a new kind of music 2021 with it. Les Paul was the same way and so was Chuck Berry. That tinkering is the way you move forward. If you just sit there and do what everybody's been doing, then you just stay where you are.





This is one of the sadder songs on the list, but the guitar styling and vocals make it worth adding to your playlist all the same. After all, you can always skip the song and come back to it later when you're looking for something slower.





A time signature is the marking on the top left corner of the staff that looks like a fraction with two numbers stacked vertically with a line between them. Simple songs are usually written in 3/4 or 4/4 time. These are the first time signatures that most beginning piano players will learn, and they're very common. A different time signature doesn't necessarily mean that it's not an easy song. 4/2 time and 6/8 are also relatively common and easy. Watch out, though, for signatures like 7/5. That one is not really for a novice. Also, easy songs usually do not change time signatures throughout the piece.





But then when Garland sings the bridge, most of the notes in "someday I'll wish upon a star... " are very close together in pitch. Most of them are only two or three half steps from each other. The notes in that section are tight, from a pitch standpoint, based on the standard set in the previous verse. It's a stark contrast from the wide ranging vocals of the verses.





Top 40 pop music 2021 these days usually have great "hooks" but poorly written lyrics in the verses, rendering the majority of them nothing but "here today gone tomorrow hits." This is not good practice for songwriters who are in it for the long haul because once these songs run their course, most are rarely played again, and that amounts to less profit for the songwriter over the life of the song!





DM: Well I'm just an amateur, compared to him. Chet had an incredible knowledge, plus Chet was a big part of history. He remade a whole music form into something with a broader appeal.





"China Grove" by The Doobie Brothers: Everyone knows this Doobie Brothers song, so it's a good warm up choice to get everyone in the grove, err, groove. Lively, energetic, and long enough to really warm up the legs.








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