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Can Anyone Learn To Sing?
Can Anyone Learn To Sing?
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"She Loves You," (1963). The Beatles. Though not an American group, they had an enormous influence on the history of American music and the pop culture of the 1960s. "I Wanna Hold your Hand" was their first U.S. hit in January, 1964, and was followed almost immediately by this song. The two songs taken together illustrate the innovative quality of the Beatles in terms of melody, song structure and vocal harmonic style. "She Loves You," however, was the more iconic of the two, with its "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" refrain that came to symbolize this genre. The British Invasion that followed changed music history.





A good way to motivate children is to show them a song they can make some connection to. Get to know the child you're teaching and find out about them, learn about their life, their interests and the events that happen around them. Then find songs that fit that.





TR: Weren't there some of your tunes that got held back by the record company because they didn't think they would sell? Was "Vincent" one of those songs that you had written but they wouldn't put it out for some reason?









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One of the best all-time 90's bands is Blink 182. They have made quite a few influential albums over the years and they are still a very mainstream band, enjoyed by many people. Some say they are the best pop punk band of all time. One of their best albums is Enema Of The State, which is also the most commercially successful of their albums. Other albums that they have released include Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch, and many others.





"Crossroads" by Cream: The driving beat and brilliant musicianship of Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, and Eric Clapton, collectively known as Cream, really vault this four minute classic into overdrive. Clapton's guitar solos at the 1:30 and 2:35 minute marks make ideal "push aheads". "Crossroads" is a perfect choice for the middle section of class when effort level is nearing its peak.





A true Lennon/McCartney track (co-written & co-sung.) It's somewhat unique in that it's in 3/4 time (or "waltz" time.) Most Beatles (and rock/top 50 pop songs 2021 clean in general) are in 4/4 time.





TR: I've seen you interviewed before and it seems to me like you have somewhat of an encyclopedic knowledge of artists and music history, and Chet was the same way.





These horrific individuals try to catch the judge's attention by either dressing odd or by doing crazy dances. They do not learn proper lessons and people laugh at them. So do not become a singer like them.



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